Welcome to my abstract photography page, this is where things get a little weird!

If you’d like to know a little more about how these photos came to be, the story of why I created them is at the bottom of this page.

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Junk Mail Unmasked
Drops of Irises
Dollar Store Gift Bag
Thor’s Bubbles

There are often days when I find myself unable to leave the house for a photographic adventure. Sometimes that’s due to my schedule, often its due to my health limitations. I have a rare condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia which causes extreme nerve pain in my face. (I would say google it or ask Jeeves for more info, but don’t, it’s depressing.) Basically, the wind and the cold are my enemies and can trigger worse than usual pain, which is why I often wear a mask when I brave the outdoors.

For me, photography is therapeutic, a reminder of beauty that exists around us, even when life feels difficult. On days I find myself home, I still have a desire to create and capture art with my camera. My abstract photos represent those moments. All of these photos are just that, photos. No editing tricks, just innovation to fight off stagnation.

I hope you enjoy!


Junk Mail Unmasked-Photo taken through glass pane of one of my face masks and a pizza chain advertisement.

Iris Bubbles-Photo taken through glass pane of Van Gogh’s painting of iris flowers.

Dollar Store Gift Bag-Photo taken through glass pane of, you guessed it, a dollar store gift bag.

Thor’s Bubbles-Photo taken through glass pane of a photo I captured of Thor’s Well.